History of Cartier

Louis-Fran├žois Cartier

Cartier is one of the most famous brand names in the luxury goods marketing the world. 

In 1847, Louis - Francois Cartier (1819 - 1904) followed his Maitre Adolphe Picard in taking over Maitre Picard's jewellery workshop at 31, rue Montorgueil in Paris: This marked the birth of Maison Cartier.

In 1853, Maison Cartier moved to 5, rue Neuve des petits Champs, and Cartier started undertaking work for private clients. As early as 1854, the first American customer was welcomed. Napoleon III ruled France. After a period of unrest, Paris became a lively city once more and celebrations and balls followed one another.  The splendours of the Second Empire were favourable to expansion.

Cartier grew, thanks to the patronage of Princess Mathilde, the Emperor's first cousin, and, in 1859 moved into premises at 9, boulevard des Italians, the core of fashionable Paris. Louis - Francois Cartier attracted the favours of the Empress Eugenie (first imperial order in 1859), and formed a strong bond of  friendship with Worth, the great couturier of international renown. This paved the way to privileged connections which were to become very close.

Louis - Francois Cartier, wishing to establish a family tradition, taught his son, Louis - Francois Alfred (1841 - 1925), the trade, made him a partner and handed over the management to him in 1874.  In his turn, Alfred made his son, Louis, a partner in 1898.

In 1899, Cartier took up residence in the prestigious premises 13, rue de la Paix, the heart of the elegance and luxury, where he stayed for the next century. At last, Cartier had created an image worthy of his aspirations. At that time, Alfred entrusted his three sons with the international future of Maison Cartier.

  • Louis - Joseph (1875 - 1942) took over responsibility in Paris.
  • Jacques - Theodule (1884 - 1942) established himself in London.
  • Pierre - Camille (1878 - 1964) went to New York

Two generations later, Cartier stood out as the most prestigious jeweller in the world.